Planter’s Punch

Planter’s Punch is an International Bartender Association (IBA) official cocktail, along with a litany of other famous drinks, where they’ve been split into 3 categories: classics, modern classics, and proclaimed ‘New Era’ recipes. The recipe we’ve followed is slightly different to the IBA one for Planter’s Punch as we’ve replaced the dash of angostura bitters […]

Bacardi Cocktail

Thinking about it, I’ve posted an awful lot of 3 ingredient cocktails recently, haven’t I? 3 is obviously a powerful number even in mixology, and sometimes a simple recipe is better when there’s a particular flavour you’re trying to celebrate. With the Bacardi Cocktail, I would say that flavour is ‘rum’. I mean, it’s in […]

Cuban Sidecar and Cuban Special

Although I could have made a separate post for each of these cocktails, I decided to group them into one – the Cuban Special is actually a variation on the Cuban Sidecar, so it seems to make sense to me to draw parallels between the two. The fundamental difference between the two drinks is the […]

Jamaican Martini and Kingston Cocktail

Rum is fast becoming one of our favourite liquors; it’s flavourful without being offensive, potent and works in a wide variety of cocktails. In celebration of this versatility, we chose to review a rum based drink. Incidentally – and completely unrelated – we have a TON of dark and spiced rum in the bar the […]

Blue Hawaiian

If you’re the person who thinks of a Pina Colada when someone mentions coconut cocktails. then hoo-boy do I have something in store for you. The Blue Hawaiian is – frankly – delightful in every way possible. It’s so beautiful, both to look at and to drink that it’s practically criminal and I am ASTOUNDED […]

Bay Breeze

The first thing that you notice about the Bay Breeze is the complete lack of aroma from the drink. With so much fruit juice in the recipe, you’d expect to be hit with a sweet, fruity fragrance as soon as you came within 30cm of the glass, but instead…nothing. It’s actually disconcerting and puts you […]

Hot Buttered Rum

Looking out of the window, I can quite honestly say this is the most snow I’ve seen in years. The white powdery crap is coming down thick and fast and, most alarmingly of all, settling. That alone is enough to send us Brit’s into a frenzy and render the roads unusable as everyone forgets how to drive […]