Okay so gin, passion fruit liqueur and limoncello walk into a bar… I mean, that should be the start of a delicious joke and/or cocktail right? That’s what any sane person would think. Well unfortunately, we’d all be wrong. Yes, the ingredients together should, in principle, make a fine mixture worthy of gracing any cocktail […]

Review: St Anne’s on the Sea Chocolate Orange Gin

I should preface this review by saying that – despite the title of this blog – I’m 50/50 on how much I enjoy gin as a sipping drink, largely because a lot of commercialised gins end up tasting very bland and really quite abrasive. I usually put gins into 1 (or maybe 2) of 4 […]

Review: Hortus Plum and Cinnamon Gin Liqueur

I wonder if Lidl anticipated the level of success they would have when they first launched the Gin Liqueurs range, for a success it has been. Every time a new Hortus Gin Liqueur comes out, I see it plastered all over social media and bargain websites such as HotUKDeals etc within a day of it […]

Gin and Sin

Gin and Sin – a name alone that’s just full of temptation and promises, promises, promises. Just what exactly is sinful about this drink I hear you ask? Well, there’s an ungodly amount of gin in it, that’s for sure – 2 ounces to ½ ounce of non-alcoholic ingredients? Yowza. The best bit of advice […]


Having recently began a love affair with port it felt like high time that I found some cocktails to incorporate it into and where better to start than with the Crimson. Both visually striking and delicious, the Crimson cocktail – which, as you can see from the image below, is aptly named – uses the […]