Merry Widow

Oh man, I could talk about this one for a long time. It’s incredibly simple – just 3 ingredients, if you count the cocktail cherry – but it’s this simplicity that really enhances the entire experience. Despite every ingredient being cherry flavoured, this cocktail is far from one note; there’s a surprising number of levels […]


Now that we’re getting into the winter months, it’s a good idea to have a firm repertoire of warming drinks under your belt. Just to tide you over, y’know? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with classics like mulled wine or a Hot Toddy, but every now and then it’s fun to branch out and try something […]

Apple Brandy Sour

Normally, when you encounter a wild Sour – and gosh darn it, they are wild – the inside of your cheeks almost involuntarily pucker in anticipation of the joyfully tartness that you’re about to enjoy. The fact that your mouth actually begins to salivate is a testament to the impact they can have on a […]

American Beauty

The American Beauty is the liquid definition of a dark horse. If you glance at the ingredients list you’ll see brandy, crème de menthe, dry vermouth, ruby port?! and more – where does the madness end?! Surely they can’t marry well together, I mean I was half expecting the kitchen sink to be listed at the end! To […]

La Jolla

I’m not sure what I expected from La Jolla when I first read the name. Perhaps I foolishly assumed it would be a bright, happy cocktail that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you drank it. Did I see ‘Jolla’ and think jolly, or did I hear the Spanish sounding name and […]


The Metropolitan is…. well, frankly it’s a bit on the strong side of things. An equal combination of brandy and sweet vermouth will certainly do that to a drink I suppose, but you might have thought that the simple syrup would balance out the potent aftertaste that comes through from the brandy – in which case […]

Castro Cooler

The Castro Cooler is a deceptive little number – despite the fact that each cocktail contains a teaspoon of sugar and an ounce and a half of orange juice, this cocktail is surprisingly unsweet after the initial sip. Instead, the combination of rum and apple brandy comes through quite clearly and leaves you with a […]