By day, I’m your typical 9-5 worker with a penchant for terrible jokes and quick desk snacks usually of the chocolate variety. By night, I’m a wisecracking home bartender whose Xbox is probably going to burst into flames any time soon from overuse, and who has still almost certainly got some sort of chocolate snack snaffled away for later. If you ever find me and I don’t have some sort of emergency chocolate the end of times is nigh and you should probably buy me some. I like Kinder Buenos.

In all seriousness, I’m just a twenty-something woman who likes booze, games, movies, reading and generally not going outside. I’ve done the whole outside thing whilst I was at University and enjoyable though it was, I like my comfy pants way too much to do it often.

Speaking of University, I’m a graduate of the Computer Games Design program and I am now lucky enough to work in games design with a great team. I also attempt to work on my own personal projects in my – admittedly limited – free time. Video games have long been a passion of mine – one of my earliest memories is playing Lemmings and Manic Miner on the Amiga. You’ll often find references to something geeky in my posts; some references might be obscure, some will make you roll your eyes and one day you might even laugh out loud with me. If I could get a genuine chuckle from someone reading something of mine on here one day, I’m going to say that I’ve officially Made It.

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