Okay so gin, passion fruit liqueur and limoncello walk into a bar…

I mean, that should be the start of a delicious joke and/or cocktail right? That’s what any sane person would think. Well unfortunately, we’d all be wrong. Yes, the ingredients together should, in principle, make a fine mixture worthy of gracing any cocktail glass… but it doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, the Oriental is not a terrible cocktail. It’s fine and all, but do you really want to drink ‘fine’ when there are so many good cocktails out there?

The real problem with this drink is that there’s a remarkable lack of flavour. The gin is the first and last thing you taste every time you take a sip, and it overwhelms both the passion fruit liqueur and limoncello equally. I do like gin, but with a drink like this I expect to be able to taste more than just gin. Unusually, despite the prominence of the gin flavour its quintessential bitterness doesn’t linger on the palate.

This cocktail needs a defining flavour beyond the hard alcohol element, such as an acidic or sweet touch to take it a step up above boring. One positive is that it does give you a pleasant tingling sensation on your tongue whilst drinking it – but is it really worth having an Oriental for that alone?

No, probably not.


The Recipe

♦  1 ½ ounce gin

♦  1 ounce passion fruit liqueur (we used Passoa)

♦  ¼ ounce limoncello

Shake all the ingredients together with ice and serve in a chilled martini glass.

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