Bocci Ball

In all honesty, I’m not sure what Bocci Ball means. According to Google, bocce (sometimes anglicised as ‘Bocci’, which I guess is where the drink gets its name) is a boules style of game played in Italy. As to how that relates to this 3 ingredient cocktail, frankly I have no idea. Was it first made in Italy? Was it a common libation during bocce games? Your guess is as good as mine, but either way it doesn’t really matter. We’re here for the drink itself.

As I said, Bocci Ball is a 3 ingredient drink: amaretto, orange juice, and club soda. I’m not gonna lie – there’s a heck of a lot of amaretto in this recipe. Now I love amaretto, but as I’ve said in the past it is one of those ingredients where even the smallest amount is enough to get the flavour across, so I was slightly concerned to see ‘2 ounces’ listed in the recipe book. It felt excessive but who am I to argue? Thankfully, there’s 3 times as much orange juice and club soda compared to the amaretto, so they actually manage to soften the overwhelming almond flavour that is synonymous with all brands of amaretto. That being said, as much as I was fearful of the overpowering liqueur, I think there was a small part of me that wanted to see what would happen when you go OTT with the liqueur; alas, the Bocci Ball is not the drink for that.

It’s a very nice drink, there’s no doubt about that, but unfortunately ‘nice’ is all it will ever be. It’s not particularly memorable, but it is incredibly drinkable – like, downright chuggable, and in that right it’s probably perfect for any casual situation such as hanging out with friends, or relaxing after work.

But there’s no WOW moment. Bocci Ball is pleasant, but both the amaretto AND the orange juice take a back seat to the club soda which I find is a detriment to the drink, and I feel slightly sad that it wasn’t more exciting in the end.


The Recipe

♦  2 ounces amaretto

♦  4 ounces orange juice

♦  1 to 2 ounces chilled club soda

Cocktail cherry

Shake the amaretto and orange juice together with ice, and then strain into a chilled glass. Top up with your desired amount of club soda, and enjoy! 

Feel free to garnish with a cocktail cherry if you’re feeling cheeky 😉

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