3 words: Mimosa on Steroids. End review. No, but in all seriousness that is the best possible summary that I can give the Fellini, and I’ll stand by it to the end of time. We all know how simple, yet utterly wondrous the humble Mimosa is, but when you feel like kicking it up into […]

Jamaican Martini and Kingston Cocktail

Rum is fast becoming one of our favourite liquors; it’s flavourful without being offensive, potent and works in a wide variety of cocktails. In celebration of this versatility, we chose to review a rum based drink. Incidentally – and completely unrelated – we have a TON of dark and spiced rum in the bar the […]

White Cloud

It’s a great name, isn’t it? It makes you think of something light and fluffy, with just a touch of playfullness.  I’m pleased to say that the White Cloud cocktail lives up to the expectations; it’s fresh, inviting, and as light as the cloud that it’s named for. With just a ¾ ounce of double […]