Electric Leninade

Now that summer is upon us and we’re all enjoying the sunshine (for as long as it lasts) we’re bound to be spending more time in the garden or – perhaps more accurately – beer garden . If you agree with that sentiment then you may also find yourself in need of a light, refreshing drink with a lower alcoholic content than other cocktails to allow it to be drunk all evening with friends and family alike, in which case the Electric Leninade may be perfect for you. The combination of clear spirits and mixers with blue curaçao creates a tropical blue hue that is guaranteed to make you think of an island somewhere with oceans of the same colour, and with the sun out as much as it is at the moment there is no better time to try to recreate it.

This cocktail is lightweight with the ratio of alcohol to non-alcohol being 1 to 3 so although you will get a slight buzz going after a while, I doubt it will leave you with any unpleasant after effects such as a harsh hangover or even a headache. The only real danger here is that the drink is so sweet and sour your teeth will start to feel sticky and/or furry long before you really get drunk from this, so your dentist may be a little disappointed in you. Not angry, just disappointed.

In terms of actual flavour, again the Electric Leninade is light; the use of 7up or other generic lemon lime soda means that it obviously tastes like stronger than average pop, and the use of sour mix feeds into this even more. There is so much lemon lime in this drink that the orange bitterness of the blue curaçao is nonexistent for all intents and purposes, which is a shame as that could have been the much-needed flavour parallel of the drink.

This might not be the best or most memorable drink, but neither is it a bad one. It’s good for casual situations where you’ll want to drink socially without the risk of actually being drunk, so use accordingly.


The Recipe

♦  1 ½ ounce vodka

♦  ½ ounce blue curaçao

♦  2 ounces sour mix

♦  3 to 4 ounce chilled 7up/lemon lime soda

Shake all the ingredients together aside from the 7up and then strain into a chilled wine glass. Slowly top with 7up and then serve.

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