Amaretto Alexander

After a disappointing recipe before, it’s time to go strong – in more ways than one – with another decadent cocktail. Obviously amaretto is going to be a key ingredient here but aside from that the Amaretto Alexander doesn’t really give anything away in the name alone. What you’ll find is that this is a rich […]

American Beauty

The American Beauty is the liquid definition of a dark horse. If you glance at the ingredients list you’ll see brandy, crème de menthe, dry vermouth, ruby port?! and more – where does the madness end?! Surely they can’t marry well together, I mean I was half expecting the kitchen sink to be listed at the end! To […]

Absolut Espresso Martini

I’m not normally one for advocating a particular brand of spirit for cocktail recipes, in my humble opinion you can easily make do with what you have and just own it. There are, however, some situations that call for it such as oh, I don’t know, having the perfect measure of Absolut Vodka and Kahlua […]

Bay Breeze

The first thing that you notice about the Bay Breeze is the complete lack of aroma from the drink. With so much fruit juice in the recipe, you’d expect to be hit with a sweet, fruity fragrance as soon as you came within 30cm of the glass, but instead…nothing. It’s actually disconcerting and puts you […]