Mini Mojito

Being a fan of mint and lime, the mojito was naturally always going to be a happy drink for me; alas, my husband doesn’t like mint AT ALL, so the drinks with it in at Geek & Tonic HQ are few and far between. Fortunately, my friend and I were playing an Until Dawn drinking game recently and made individual shots themed for each character that we were to drink when they died and, naturally, we were trying to kill them all as fast as we could. My friend is similarly enamoured with mint so it was a smashing opportunity to whip out the crème de menthe and get funky fresh with it – thus, the Mini Mojito was born.

Okay, maaaaybe it’s not the most inventive but hot damn it is delicious and tastes just like the real thing. The secret to this shot is layering the ingredients; the first two will float without a problem and create a crystal clear definition between them but it’s when you add the lime that the magical truly happens. The lime pulls the rum ever so slightly down into the crème de menthe and creates this fab gradient effect in the glass, not only with colour but with clarity of spirit. The closer to the bottom, the clearer the drink and given that we were playing Until Dawn which has a crazy twisted story it felt right – the further down the rabbit hole you go, the more it all starts to make sense.

Be careful with the mint however; having equal amounts of all the ingredients is the perfect recipe but there is a fine line to play with. Any more crème de menthe and you risk losing the other 2 ingredients in a mouthwash type blast of mint.


The Recipe

♦  Green crème de menthe

♦  White rum

♦  Lime juice

Using equal measures of all 3, pour the crème de menthe into the shot glass and then layer the white rum. Add the lemon juice and then serve. Enjoy your Mini Mojito!

Thoughts, feedback or have your own recipe? Let us know here!