Terry’s Delight

This is a homebrew recipe from the bar of Geek & Tonic and an ode to one of our favourite chocolates – the humble Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

In all honesty, when I mixed this shot I never expected it to taste identical to Terry’s Chocolate Orange. In fact, when I made it I was already a few drinks deep in an Until Dawn drinking game so I’m not entirely sure I comprehended what it was going to taste like full stop. Either way, I’m glad I made it.

Being a combination of orange liqueur and chocolate liqueur you might be thinking ‘But, OF COURSE it tastes like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, it’s literally chocolate and orange!’. The thing is, chocolate orange may be the basic flavour but every brand of it is different and distinctive in its own right. Take Galaxy and Dairy Milk; they are both just chocolate but in no way could you ever say they taste same and, personally, depending on what sort of mood I’m in I will generally prefer one over the other. For the record, a good 75% of the time I side with Dairy Milk. Yes, even since they changed the recipe too. Fight me bro.

Although blue curaçao is an orange liqueur, there is an element of bitterness to it which works well with the sweeter crème de cacao. The shot manages to avoid being overwhelmingly sickly and has some extremely subtle herbaceous notes which is how I think it manages to mimic Terry’s Chocolate Orange so well. As an added bonus, the vivid blue colour is a great way to confuse people when you give it to them.

If you’re a fan of chocolate orange, this is one shot you have to taste to believe.


Count yourself lucky I remembered to take a picture of this is my slightly merry state.

The Recipe

♦  Blue curaçao

♦  White crème de cacao

Fill the shot glass with an equal measure of both ingredients and enjoy!

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