Mini Mojito

Being a fan of mint and lime, the mojito was naturally always going to be a happy drink for me; alas, my husband doesn’t like mint AT ALL, so the drinks with it in at Geek & Tonic HQ are few and far between. Fortunately, my friend and I were playing an Until Dawn drinking […]

Hairy Navel

A vodka based variant of the Fuzzy Navel, the Hairy Navel is yet another version of the oh-so-well-known combination of vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice that we’ve all come to realise is a good percentage of modern drinks. This particular combination is served long and often with ice, although it really just depends on […]

La Jolla

I’m not sure what I expected from La Jolla when I first read the name. Perhaps I foolishly assumed it would be a bright, happy cocktail that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you drank it. Did I see ‘Jolla’ and think jolly, or did I hear the Spanish sounding name and […]

Cocktail Culture Revolution

Cocktail culture is on the rise in the UK. What is cocktail culture? Think of the smart, swanky bars that are designed almost entirely around cocktails as an ‘experience’ and not just a means to the end of ‘getting absolutely rat-arsed’. I’m not talking about pub cocktails; cocktails in your local ‘Spoons are usually little […]


The Metropolitan is…. well, frankly it’s a bit on the strong side of things. An equal combination of brandy and sweet vermouth will certainly do that to a drink I suppose, but you might have thought that the simple syrup would balance out the potent aftertaste that comes through from the brandy – in which case […]