The Vespa is simple; 3 ingredients, nothing more and nothing less. Each ingredient, however, appears to have been carefully chosen to mingle naturally with its bedfellows which results in a fun, and refreshing, drink.

The banana liqueur is the first out of the gate and on to your taste buds. It does have an artificial taste in this drink but not chemically so, instead it’s more reminiscent of those foam bananas you find in pick and mix. If you don’t know what that tastes like then you really need to go out and buy yourself a good pick and mix, at least 500g worth. For research purposes, obviously.

The vodka is just here really to make the drink boozier and doesn’t really add any taste – but that’s actually important to the experience of the Vespa. There are plenty of cocktails out there that throw different flavours at you or aim to overwhelm the senses, but the Vespa delights in saying ‘This is me, come and get it’. It’s proud of its simplicity, and deservedly so.

The use of the ginger ale as opposed to ginger beer is another important factor; ginger beer is fiery and more intense than ginger ale, which is precisely what the Vespa doesn’t need – the banana liqueur would end up being lost somewhere. Ginger ale pairs better with the candy-like flavour of the banana liqueur and the lack of flavour from the vodka, and you end up with a mellow, lightly carbonated beverage which is ideal for spring or summer drinking.


Doesn’t that look inviting?

The Recipe

♦  2 ounces vodka

♦  1 ounce banana liqueur

♦  3 to 5 ounces chilled ginger ale

Pour the ingredients in a chilled glass – ice filled if you’re using a Collins glass – and stir before serving.


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