Review: Chocolate Drop Mulled Wine

“For all those who adore chocolate”

Right there on the bottle, the Chocolate Drop Mulled Wine from Broadlands Wineries tells you what it’s all about. If you have even the merest hint of a love for chocolate, you should put this on your list as one to keep an eye out for because it is, in a word, divine.

You might be wondering why I’m doing a review for mulled wine when we’re well and truly past Christmas. Well, I personally don’t believe that mulled wine should be reserved just for the holiday occasions because at the end of the day it’s still wine, and frankly it’s been so cold out there I think we all deserve something to take the winter chill off. So what better way than with a nice warm beverage?

Now, I enjoy mulled wine anyway, but by adding dark chocolate to the red wine and spice mix Broadlands have managed to create one of the best cold weather treats I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. The rich sweetness from the chocolate mixes perfectly with the tartness of the blackberry notes in the wine itself, and when you add in the traditional spices it just comes alive. This all culminates in a wonderful, and very indulgent, mulled wine that rolls smoothly on your palate. It’s decadent, it’s moreish, but most importantly it’s not sickly sweet like some chocolate drinks. This means that you’ll enjoy the Chocolate Drop just as much on your tenth sip as on your first, and by some sheer wizardry in the winery (which, by the way, is obviously an amazing name for either a wine or a band. You’re welcome, world.) Broadlands have made a mulled wine which doesn’t lose it’s appeal once it starts going slightly cold. Indeed, the Chocolate Drop is equally pleasant to drink both cold and lukewarm if you leave it too long in your glass, so don’t feel pressured to drink it quickly if you want to savour the experience. If you’re like me though, there’s a good chance you won’t give it the opportunity to go cold.

It’s roughly £6.00 a bottle so it’s not overly expensive. Even if you pick one up at that price and forget about it for another 10 months, it’ll still be perfect to drink.

So to recap: wonderful chocolate flavour for your inner chocoholic, doesn’t fall into the trap of tasting ‘off’ once it goes cold, and is a reasonable price. What more could you possibly want?


Yes, the bottle is already empty in the pic. Don’t judge me.

The Recipe

Empty the bottle into a microwaveable container if you want it done quick, otherwise heat gently on the stove. Don’t let it boil! Pour into glasses and enjoy.

Or pour into one giant glass, whatever floats your boat.

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