Hot Buttered Rum

Looking out of the window, I can quite honestly say this is the most snow I’ve seen in years. The white powdery crap is coming down thick and fast and, most alarmingly of all, settling. That alone is enough to send us Brit’s into a frenzy and render the roads unusable as everyone forgets how to drive […]


There’s a very good chance you’ve already heard of the Mimosa – it’s the quintessential brunch cocktail, a classic combination of champagne (or other sparkling wine such as cava or prosecco) and orange juice to bring you joy on the weekend and is commonly given to guests at weddings as a cheaper alternative to wine […]


The Vespa is simple; 3 ingredients, nothing more and nothing less. Each ingredient, however, appears to have been carefully chosen to mingle naturally with its bedfellows which results in a fun, and refreshing, drink. The banana liqueur is the first out of the gate and on to your taste buds. It does have an artificial taste […]


Alright, go ahead and get the giggling out of your system. Yes it’s called Climax, and yes it appears at first glance to be a ‘girly’ drink what with the cream and the chocolate liqueur, but I should warn you to not let your preconceptions run away with you. This cocktail is…well, let’s just say deceptively […]

Castro Cooler

The Castro Cooler is a deceptive little number – despite the fact that each cocktail contains a teaspoon of sugar and an ounce and a half of orange juice, this cocktail is surprisingly unsweet after the initial sip. Instead, the combination of rum and apple brandy comes through quite clearly and leaves you with a […]

Gin and Sin

Gin and Sin – a name alone that’s just full of temptation and promises, promises, promises. Just what exactly is sinful about this drink I hear you ask? Well, there’s an ungodly amount of gin in it, that’s for sure – 2 ounces to ½ ounce of non-alcoholic ingredients? Yowza. The best bit of advice […]


This cocktail has quite the varied ingredients list, so it could be worth having a quick glance over the recipe first; I can almost guarantee that you’ll have to buy some passion fruit juice at the very least, unless you’re like me and have a tendency to see unusual fruit juices on the shelves of […]