Between the Sheets

Okay, so this is another post which has a bit of a story to it, so just bear with me and/or skip to the recipes if that’s how you’re feeling today.

As you may have noticed, there are 2 different, but slightly similar, recipes at the bottom of the page together with 2 different, but slightly similar, images. We first tried Between the Sheets some months ago when we had a rum loving friend over for the evening which, naturally, meant that we spent the next few hours perusing the Rum entries in our Bar Bible. It was at this point that we happened upon the first Between the Sheets recipe – the intriguing combination of spiced rum, brandy and Grand Marnier definitely piqued our collective interest. Add in a sugar rim and we were committed to trying it.

The drink itself tastes pretty good; surprisingly easy to drink with the brandy and Grand Marnier which I think is a direct result of the sugar rim adding a very slight sweetness to an otherwise dry cocktail. The spiced rum added an earthiness which meant that you didn’t tire half way through it as you can with some cocktails especially when they are predominantly made up of alcoholic ingredients. We happily finished the drink, moved onto the next and from the there evening continued as normal.

Between the Sheets 1

Fast forward a couple of months later, I was flicking through the recipes one night when I saw an entry for Between the Sheets that was completely unrated.

I should probably explain that we rate all of the cocktails we try from our Bar Bible. We have a dedicated fine-writing pen (we’re a bit sad like that) that we use to put a rating out of 5 in manuscript in the margins of the page so that we know whether we’ve tried the drink before and, if so, how much we enjoyed it. Additionally, if we invent a particularly good cocktail and there’s room for it, I (carefully) write it into the book if it fits. You can imagine that this book is now highly personalised and means a great deal to us.

So when I saw that Between the Sheets was unrated, I was pretty confused; yes I may have had a fair number of cocktails that night, but I distinctly this name in particular and that the group decided that it was a solid ‘4’. I chalked it up to forgetting to write it down, so I did it then and there and thought nothing more of it.

Until I saw that this recipe didn’t call for a sugar rim. Now, I have a decent memory and I knew for a fact that the Between the Sheets we tried had a sugar rim. So I went to the recipe index, skipped to B and low-and-behold there were 2 Between the Sheets.


It’s trivial, really, but the idea of giving an unknown drink a ‘4’ in the book without having tried it jut wouldn’t do. This book – currently – has no mistakes, not a single crossed out letter, so I am not about to start now. Did I mentione that the pages of the book are cream so it’s not like I could even Tippex it out if I wanted to? Obviously, the only solution was to make one and pray to Dionysus that it was also worthy of a 4. Luckily for me, it was. It was a heck of a lot fresher and sweeter through the use of white rum and simple syrup, but it did have an unmistakable similarity to the first Between the Sheets which explained the use of the same name. This second drink has no need of a sugar rim as it would frankly be overkill in the sugar department. Also, the change of Grand Marnier to Cointreau made the citrus notes a lot more dominant, hence the fresher taste overall.

Crisis averted, I was quite happy to leave this second Between the Sheets as a resounding ‘4’ too. Mighty Dionysus was indeed kind that day and I would definitely recommend trying both of them.


Between the Sheets 2

The Recipe – Between the Sheets 1

♦  ¾ ounce spiced rum

♦  ¾ ounce cognac or brandy (we used brandy)

♦  ¾ ounce Grand Marnier

♦  ½ ounce lemon juice



Rub the edge of a chilled cocktail glass with either lemon juice or a lemon wedge and then rim with sugar. If you have superfine sugar, that would work best. Shake the other ingredients together and then strain into the prepared cocktail glass.


The Recipe – Between the Sheets 2

♦  1 ounce cognac or brandy (we used brandy – again)

♦  1 ounce light rum

♦  1 ounce Cointreau

♦  1 ounce lemon or lime juice

♦  Dash of simple syrup

Shake the ingredients together and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Thoughts, feedback or have your own recipe? Let us know here!