Having recently began a love affair with port it felt like high time that I found some cocktails to incorporate it into and where better to start than with the Crimson. Both visually striking and delicious, the Crimson cocktail – which, as you can see from the image below, is aptly named – uses the […]

Bahama Mama

Oh, Bahama Mama. Where do I even begin? I could use all the adjectives in the world to describe this cocktail, but i’ll just settle for one: sublime. My love affair with the Bahama Mama cocktail started back in 2012 when I ventured into a local watering hole one night called ‘Maverick’s 80s Lounge’ – […]


There are some drinks that are packed out with fruit juices and other mixers to make them lighter and less intensive, and then there are drinks like the Casablanca that are not afraid to give you a firm smack around the chops and celebrate the beauty of alcohol. Now, it’s not the perfect drink – […]