Chocolate Covered Cherry

When I see both cherries and chocolate mentioned in a drinks recipe, I can guarantee that you have my attention. When I see that it’s a shot of all things, well, how could I possibly resist? I’m not saying that i’m a sucker for cherry or chocolate flavoured things, but I do have a strange habit of buying a metric ton of cherry liqueurs around this time of year. When I spied this recipe in my Bar Bible, it was obviously the only choice for the next blog post. Bizarrely enough, none of the ingredients are chocolate based in any way, but I can assure you the taste does live up to the name.

This one is actually a layered drink, so requires a bit more concentration than your usual shot. If you were hoping for a quick drink that you can just throw together, you might want to carry on browsing the recipes on the website – but you would be missing out on a fun little number.

It’s a fairly simple recipe – other than the layering – with just 4 ingredients, 1 of which is the cherry itself. I’m not sure how the combination of grenadine, coffee liqueur and Irish cream liqueur manages to create a chocolate flavour, but somehow it does. Now, it certainly doesn’t taste like a liquid Galaxy bar or anything that choco-intense, but it does a good mimicry which I suspect is down to the creamy nature of the Baileys combined with the slight bitterness of the coffee liqueur. If you feel particularly daring, you could add a bit of cherry liqueur to the grenadine and really have the chocolate cherry liqueur experience, but I haven’t tried it myself – yet – so don’t quote me on that one.

To be honest, i’d be tempted to serve it as a petis four or an ‘alternative’ dessert at a dinner party (if I did them) as not only is it quite a large shot but it is also incredibly sweet and sumptuous as well as being obviously boozy, which means its just that little bit naughty and adult. Can you tell i’m channeling my inner Nigella yet? The Chocolate Covered Cherry is a fantastic way to round off an evening of good food and good company, so why not try it the next time your friends are over? You won’t regret it.


The Recipe:

♦  Cocktail Cherry

♦  ½ ounce grenadine

♦  ½ ounce coffee liqueur

♦  ½ ounce Irish cream liqueur

Layer the ingredients in the order above, starting with the cocktail cherry and then the grenadine and so on. Enjoy!

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