Review: Crane’s Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur

We discovered the Crane brand during one of our (many) visits to Costco over the past 6 months and were lucky enough to sample a number of their products before deciding to purchase them for ourselves. Having had the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ it only seemed right that we try to do the same for others, and so I give to you the very first review of an individual bottle of alcohol, specifically the ‘Crane’s Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur’.

From the name alone, i’m sure that you can guess that it’s a sweet, fruity liqueur. In fact, it’s very sweet from cranberry but manages to retain a sharpness that you can easily identify as the blood orange element which actually results in a very refreshing drink even on it’s own.

It’s perfect when served straight in a small tumbler with a single cube of ice – any more and you risk watering down the liqueur over time. As you’ll discover for yourself, this is not the type of alcohol you drink quickly, but instead savour every sip. In fact, rushing the drink is somewhat detrimental – too much over a short space of time and you find your tastebuds overwhelmed and begin to lose the ability to distinguish the different flavour elements.

With the lack of general availability in shops, you might find yourself loathe to finish off the bottle but rest assured, you can buy it direct from the Crane’s webstore where it comes in your regular 70cl and a handy 35cl with a gift box, perfecting for birthdays and other occasions. At £25 and £15 respectively, it’s not the cheapest liqueur on the market but as you’re unlikely to find anything comparable it’s money well worth spending.

Personally, here at Team G&T HQ we enjoy finding new and exciting liquors to add to our cabinet as well as relying on the old favourites. Creating  your own flavour combinations and cocktails with a unique twist is an integral part of the home bar experience; after all, how many times can you remember being offered a cocktail with cranberry and blood orange liqueur at a bar? Go on, i’ll wait whilst you cast your mind back but we both know the answer is ‘not enough’. Buying bottles of spirits like the Crane’s Liqueur opens up a whole new avenue of cocktail making and allows you to try different recipes you might not have considered before. For example, on their website Crane’s has a recipe for an Espresso Martini using the Crane’s Liqueur. I don’t know about you, but coffee, cranberry and blood orange? Yes please, sign me up!

It’s twists and personal touches like that which will let you, as a mixologist, really come into your own and find your own niche. All that remains is for your to take the chance and have some fun.

Is it worth buying? Yes.

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Thoughts, feedback or have your own recipe? Let us know here!