Alien Brain Hemorrhage

Any self-respecting university alumnus should have a made a Brain Hemorrhage or two in their day. I think it’s because the base ingredients – Peach Schnapps, Irish Cream Liqueur and Grenadine – are pretty cheap to pick up, I think you could get the whole lot for around £11 in a supermarket. Plus, it’s a fun and super tasty shot to make with your friends when you’re predrinking.

The Alien Brain Hemorrhage is a slight variant on the original which uses a brightly coloured liqueur – in this case we used Blue Curaçao and Midori – to make it look spooky. Pretty simple eh? Well it both is and it isn’t; although you could just combine the ingredients any which way and probably be able to call it a ‘brain hemorrhage’ with the coagulation effect of the Irish cream liqueur, to truly get the desired effect you need to do some careful layering and pouring of each alcohol in the correct steps below.

First, pour in the Peach Schnapps. This really is the body of the drink so don’t be afraid to use a lot of it. It’s dirt cheap too, so pretty much guilt free if you rinse through a bottle in an evening with friends which is almost guaranteed if you’re doing shots. See, even I made 2!

Next, you float the Irish Cream liqueur on top of the Peach Schnapps using the layering drinks technique previously covered. From here, add a small amount of either the Blue Curaçao or Midori depending on whatever floats (eeyyyy) your boat. It will not mix with the Peach Schnapps but instead will sit in the Irish Cream Liqueur… for now. The Blue Curaçao is the ‘classic’ combination and arguably tastes better in my opinion, but I have a hella sweet tooth.

Then, pour in the Grenadine, which is now woefully empty at my bar, and watch as the weight of the syrup drags the Irish Cream Liqueur and your chosen coloured liqueur down into a stringing, horrifying mess. Congratulations, you’ve made an Alien Brain Hemorrhage!




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