Honolulu Lulu

Now that we’re truly getting into the winter months it’s time to start living vicariously through your cocktail selection, and there’s no better place to start than with the Honolulu Lulu. Boy, does this cocktail have it all – and i’m not even being facetious, there are 7 ingredients(!) in this drink. Sure, they’re all […]

Craneberry Punch

The Craneberry Punch is another one of our own creations using a liqueur that, previously, had primarily been used in our household as a sipping drink. Both cocktails and solitary enjoyment are perfectly good uses of Crane’s Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur – and we’ll discuss at length the liqueur itself in our forthcoming review […]

Key Lime Martini

Oh, the Key Lime Martini. How desperately we wanted to love you. Since meeting my fiancé, every time key lime anything is mentioned we are obligated to either buy or make it. Hence, when we found you in the Bar Bible it was only a matter of time; and by ‘time’ I literally meant the […]