Cherry Bakewell

This one actually originated from our Apple Pie experiment, specifically Apple Pie 1a. When we tried this cocktail, although it was nice the amaretto was overpowering and felt a little out of place. Almond and apple isn’t really an exciting combination, I mean you don’t generally hear that and think ‘aw yiss, get in my belly’?

Cherry and Almond though, that’s a tried and tested match made in heaven – which is exactly what I thought when I was drinking the Apple Pie 1a. (What if we just substituted the apple schnapps….?)

Naturally, being the curious devils we are, my fiancé and I had to give this new combination a whirl. So out came the cherry liqueur (At £5.99 a bottle from Lidl, everyone should have this!) and some fresh glasses, it was time to get down to brass tacks and see if we were as clever as we thought we were. We made some other slight amendments to the ratio of amaretto and apple juice, but we felt pretty confident we had a good idea.

When we tried it, it was very clearly a Cherry Bakewell with the distinct flavours being cherry and almond. I would say the idea, and actual taste, of the cocktail was a solid 5/5, however we hit a slight snag in how the mixture combined. Although once it was thoroughly shaken it stayed together for a few minutes, after that point it began to separate pretty rapidly into a bit of a delicious mess. If you don’t mind either drinking it quickly or stirring every now and then, then it still is a 5/5 but for practicality’s sake I have to deduct it a point.

Still though, i’m going to call this one a Win and definitely a successful Cherry Bakewell cocktail.


A delicious mess, my spirit animal.

The Recipe:

♦  1 ounce vodka

♦  ½ ounce cherry liqueur

♦  ¼ ounce amaretto

♦  1 ½ ounce apple juice

♦  ¼ double cream

Shake all the ingredients together thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly. Strain into a chilled martini glass and enjoy (quickly).

Thoughts, feedback or have your own recipe? Let us know here!