The Trespasser

One little thing that me and my fiancé enjoy doing together is creating themed drinks. Every year, when we watch the E3 Expo, we usually do an E3 Bingo for every major conference which covers the typical clichés like ‘EMOTIONAL JOURNEY’ and ‘AWKWARD SPORTS PERSONALITY APPEARS ON STAGE’. This year however, having limited expectations for what would be on show, we started a new tradition – E3 Shots.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with the E3 Expo, I imagine very little of this will make sense. To summarise, the E3 Expo comprises of some of the biggest video game press conferences of the year where each major console manufacturer – Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony – as well as the major game publishers and developers have live press conferences to show what they’re working on, what’s going to be released over the next year and to generally build hype for their big titles.

Although 80% of those shots were existing creations, the final shot we created was affectionately called The Trespasser, so named for the final story based DLC for one of the best video games of this generation – Dragon Age Inquisition. Dragon Age Inquisition has to be one of my favourite games of all time for a number of reasons; to start, the characters you encounter in the world and have on your team are some of the best crafted, and most realistic, characters i’ve seen in a video game and they all go through their own turmoils and individual narratives. Consider that one of the topics covered is about a family who is disappointed that their son is gay and can’t be married off for their own political gain and you can probably imagine some of the other heavy hitting themes. Secondly, I personally love the combat system specifically because it makes you feel like a certified badass, and you look fabulous whilst doing it. I have a bit of a soft spot for the mage class where this is most obvious as you spend a good 80% of the time wielding a staff in a way that, frankly, no-one should look that good doing so. Thirdly, I love the story – an epic, world scale disaster that only you can fix? Yeah, I have a hero complex, sign me up!

Anyway, getting back on to topic. The Trespasser, the final story DLC for which the shot is named, is set after the events of the main game and, more specifically, after the plot twist that is revealed at the very end of the main story. The DLC is set 2 years later, your character (The Inquisitor) has been kicking ass and taking names in that time whilst also keep the Inquisition going to try and preserve some semblance of peace. Only now, a new antagonist rises up and you have to save the day. Again. In all honesty though, this is just the backdrop for the real point of the DLC which is to track down a character who disappeared at the end of the main game and was revealed to be a literal God on earth.

You with me so far? Good.

The reason why Trespasser is so good is because it’s full of so many nods to the fans and really tries to give some resolution to the story whilst setting up Dragon Age 4. It has so much emotion and ultimately leaves you with a bitter sweet feeling as you realise that the time of the Inquisitor is done. You feel some regret, but in the end it’s been a good run and it’s time to hand the metaphorical baton over to another character.

The shot itself is sweet and sour to emulate that feeling of sadness that the story is done with tingly feeling of the memories of the good times shared with both your Inquisitor and their team. The main colour of the shot is the vibrant green which has become synonymous with the Anchor (a mark on the main charcater’s hand which is used to seal fade rifts that let in demons and other such unwelcome nasties) whilst the Creme de Cassis and the sour mix will mix together slightly to provide a lovely murky purple tinge, like the inside of the fade rift itself. Delicious.


The Recipe:

♦  Creme de Cassis

♦  Sour Mix (I like Disarrono’s Sour Mix which, so far, I’ve only found online or in some of the bigger Asda stores)

♦  Midori

Teaspoon/Bar spoon

This drink is to be, obviously, served in a shot glass. Seeing as how shot glasses can vary in size, I haven’t bothered to give you any measurements for each ingredient. Each of the three components should take up a third of the glass.

Pour in the Creme de Cassis as normal. Then, turn the teaspoon upside down so the back of the spoon is facing upward and place the tip of the spoon against the side of the shot glass on a downwards angle. Slowly pour the sour mix onto the spoon so it drips down the side of the shot glass. Repeat this step with the Midori which should layer itself on top of the sour mix/creme de cassis mixture.

2 thoughts on “The Trespasser

    1. It certainly looks prehistoric! Not sure i’d want to recreate the dino-stomping-glass-shaking scene with it though – it’s only a shot and tastes too good to waste 🙁

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