Ballet Russe

The Ballet Russe is one of our ‘go to’ drinks when either go visit someone or we have friends over; it’s relatively simple to make, has an excellent flavour and is frankly funny to watch people drinking for the first time. For example, my family LOVES anything sour – my sister in particular has built […]

Cherry Bakewell

This one actually originated from our Apple Pie experiment, specifically Apple Pie 1a. When we tried this cocktail, although it was nice the amaretto was overpowering and felt a little out of place. Almond and apple isn’t really an exciting combination, I mean you don’t generally hear that and think ‘aw yiss, get in my […]

Bolero #2

No, it’s not just a teeny jacket and a dance – the Bolero #2 is a fruit version of the original Bolero drink. Whereas the original Bolero consists of only alcohol (White rum, Calvados and Sweet Vermouth), the changes of the booze to dark rum and brandy combined with the addition of lime juice and […]

Apple Pie

This is another personal creation of mine and my fiancé’s. Now that we’re getting into the colder seasons, the flavours of apple and cinnamon are everywhere – and I love it! I will tell anyone that listens that Autumn and Winter are easily my favourite seasons of the year – it’s the time that the […]

International Gin and Tonic Day

Apparently it’s International Gin and Tonic Day. Now, normally i’m of the opinion that there’s too many ‘National Day of this’ and ‘International Day of that’, but I think I can turn a blind eye for this one. To celebrate, here are my Top 3 Recommendations for quality Gin and Tonics:   1. Rock Rose with […]


I made this drink last night to celebrate the end of a tiring Monday. In fact, I think it was around 10am yesterday morning that I had already decided that this cocktail was going to be the end to my day. It’s just that good. Now, when you look at the recipe and see that […]

The Trespasser

One little thing that me and my fiancé enjoy doing together is creating themed drinks. Every year, when we watch the E3 Expo, we usually do an E3 Bingo for every major conference which covers the typical clichés like ‘EMOTIONAL JOURNEY’ and ‘AWKWARD SPORTS PERSONALITY APPEARS ON STAGE’. This year however, having limited expectations for […]